Climate change related alterations to the Earth’s rotation are causing the position of the North Pole to shift, according to a new study. . . . Since observations began in 1899, the North Pole has been drifting southwards at a rate of 10 cms per year as the Earth’s crust slowly rebounds after the end of the last ice age, changing the distribution of mass in the planet. But according to a new study, in 2005, this southward drift abruptly changed and the pole began moving eastwards, shifting by about 12 metres since then. Extract from Geographical Magazine, February 2014

Enterprise St. Helena visited Cape Town last week to promote tourism investment opportunities created by the development.
According to Governor Mark Capes, negotiations have already begun to secure an air service provider for the island.
The new facility will be able to accommodate commercial aircraft including Boeing’s 737-800 and 757 aircraft, as well as Airbus’ A319s.

“We are also in discussions with a couple of hotel groups… and want a range of accommodation, from small boutique hotels or guesthouses, up to four- or five-star hotels,” he added.

Mr. Capes confirmed the RMS St. Helena, currently the island’s only lifeline to the outside world and which operates sailings to and from Cape Town, would be phased out after the airport’s opening in 2016. An alternative sea freight service will be established.