North America

North America
Jo has specialist operators based in Seattle, Alaska and Canada who will assist with out of the way destinations in the northern regions to view birds, brown bears and polar bears. The latter can be viewed in August, swimming where the ice has melted; or in Churchill in October while the ice is forming. Once the sea is frozen the starving bears will be off to hunt seals, fishing for them through holes in the ice. They are very dangerous at this time and must be viewed with caution in the hands of reliable operators. So sightings cannot be predicted if winter comes early. There are various remote wilderness camps which are well managed that can be visited for up to 6 days by charter plane flying from cities such as Winnipeg.

Jo has brushed up her knowledge recently by attending an Alaska workshop.

Northern lights
Jo is always being asked where best to see them; the answer is the remote northern areas of Europe and Canada, and even in Iceland away from city lights. Please ask Jo for advice.

They are very elusive and no operator can guarantee sightings. Do not be persuaded that you will see them from cruise ships unless after end of September and before mid March. Otherwise there is too much daylight.