As Jo is a specialist in adventurous destinations world-wide, Europe does not figure widely on her radar. She is, however, an agent for many specialists tour operators based in the U.K. who organise small groups of Adventure tours, including hiking, and will book with them for you; as overseas operators are large and tend to be rather slow in communication. They take clients of all ages provided you are reasonably fit.

Please let her know where and when you wish to travel.

Jo is an agent for the Ice Hotel and local activities with a local Sami operator for Reindeer sleighs, snow-shoeing and dog sledding. It’s also possible to see the Northern Lights, if you are lucky!

Jo has run the annual opera tour since 2005 for Chris Meintjes, her ex, who died earlier in 2013. However demand has dictated that this tour continue with one of the earlier participants as tour leader.

The dates are 15-23 May 2014. There are 3 performances: The ballet Il Lago dei Cigni in Verona, and operas Tosca and Madama Butterfly in Venice. You may wish to combine this with other trips in Europe before/after the tour.